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A dental crown is like your average filling, but stronger. It is cap that is placed on a cracked tooth or one that has had a root canal, or multiple replacement fillings. If your tooth is decayed, the size and shape of the crown will restore it to its normal appearance. A crown can resolve issues with speech and eating that are caused by cracked or broken teeth as well.

Some people choose to have crowns put in for purely cosmetic purposes. Crowns may add length or width to teeth with an undesirable shape. Their appearance is discreet and natural looking, while functioning as a protector. Porcelain crowns can restore stained or yellowing teeth to their original white color.

The main two types of crowns are either gold or porcelain. Porcelain crowns are very strong and match the existent appearance of your teeth. There are a variety of shade that you can choose to most closely match the color of your smile. Porcelain crowns can cause aesthetic issues, which is why some patients choose a gold crown. Since they are resistant to stains, porcelain crowns will stay the same color even if your natural teeth whiten or yellow. Gold crowns are also resistant to fading and stains. We also can replace or alter your crown if you are experiencing discomfort, sensitivity, or tenderness in the gums around your previously worked-on tooth.

The durable material of these crowns makes them last between five and fifteen years with proper dental care. They will not slip or shift out of place either because they are bonded to your teeth. Call us today to discuss your dental plan that may include crowns! We can also replace old or damaged crowns during your appointment.


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