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Extractions or pulling of teeth can be a solution to a variety of dental issues. Infection of a specific tooth, or risk of serious infection, can lead your dentist to recommend an extraction. If antibiotics or a treatment of the infection are not viable options, extraction may be the only choice left to reduce further risk.

Extracting a tooth becomes necessary when the tooth is so far damaged, diseased, or corroded that a standard root canal is no longer an option. Removing a tooth with infected roots or gums can also prevent the spreading of infection. Due to the increased sensitivity around a tooth in need of extraction, our dental hygienists and dentists are specifically trained to treat the area with care. Gum tissue is of big concern when performing an extraction because of the exposed gum after an extraction. Here at Rocky Point Smiles, we take care of your entire mouth making sure to provide a solution to your oral discomfort.

The most common type of tooth extraction is wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth often cause pain in the back of the mouth as they cut through, overcrowding the mouth. Removing your wisdom teeth will alleviate that pressure and prevent the shifting of teeth in the rest of your mouth which could lead to discomfort. Not everyone needs their wisdom teeth removed as they may not experience pain or shifting issues..

At Rocky Point Smiles, we will take every precaution when performing an extraction. Dr. Bush will educate you on each step of the process, and your medical history will be taken into consideration including any allergies or medications you may be taking. We use a local anesthetic to ensure your comfort before removing any teeth.


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