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Dentures come in sets that are either full or partial. A full set consists of removable prosthetic teeth and gums for the entire upper or lower row of teeth… or both! Dentures may be a good idea for you if you have many teeth that are decayed, damaged, or missing. In some cases, remaining teeth can be removed or extracted to make room for a full set of dentures. They are custom made and fitted for your mouth to eliminate any discomfort, and are meant for daily wear. A major benefit of dentures is that they help keep the muscles in your face from sagging and giving patients an aged look.

Partial sets of dentures are beneficial if a patient has multiple teeth missing in an arch, but not enough to have the remaining teeth extracted. Partial dentures are commonly referred to as bridges because they connect the gap between healthy teeth with prosthetic teeth. Bridges will help you with any difficulty you may have had eating and speaking as a result of tooth loss. These prosthetics are also removable and held in place with clasps as opposed to denture glue, powders, pads, or strips. Partial dentures prevent your teeth from shifting or affecting your eating habits and speech patterns.

Dentures, partials, and bridges are meant to be rinsed and brushed like your normal teeth. This prevents staining and accumulation of food particles on the dentures. Cleaning your mouth and gums without your dentures in is also very important for your dental health. Keeping your dentures in water when they are not in use can help prevent warping, keeping them true to their original mold. Mention your interest in dentures to Dr. Bush during your appointment to get more information specific to your dental needs!


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