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Experts recommend biannual dental cleanings by a professional. Certified dental hygienists can remove plaque, tartar, and stains from teeth with professional tools and procedures. Plaque is a filmy layer of bacteria that can build up on the surface of your teeth and cause disease and tooth decay. Removing plaque with daily brushing is good, but professional cleanings can ensure the entire surface of the teeth are plaque-free. Tartar is when your teeth have a built-up, hardened layer of plaque that must be scraped off by your dentist. Tartar can make your teeth look yellow and will be hard to get cleaned on your own. Without a professional cleaning, tartar can build up in small crevices in and in between your teeth.

When you come in to Rocky Point Smiles, we make your dental cleaning both beneficial and educational. Along with brushing, flossing, and rinsing your teeth and gums with fluoride, we can provide you proper step-by-step instructions on how to carry out a proper and efficient cleansing routine every day at home! But keep in mind, routine check-ups and cleanings are necessary even with pristine at-home dental habits.

Proper oral hygiene habits are very important for your overall health. Not only can we polish your teeth to remove plaque and tartar build-up, but we can screen you for oral cancers and provide nutritional guidance when necessary. Your cleaning can also serve as a quick consultation; we are always more than happy to answer any and all questions about your dental health! Recommendations for future treatment often stem from a standard professional cleaning. Please mention to Dr. Bush during your visit if you have any questions or concerns about tooth pain, sensitivity, gum swelling, the appearance of your teeth, etc.


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