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If your wedding or a big event is right around the corner, or you’d just like a brighter smile, whitening your teeth professionally could be perfect for you. There are a variety of ways to go about getting yourself a brighter smile, however, coming to your dentist is always the best option. Pharmacy teeth whitening products and systems can damage your tooth’s protective enamel, increasing the chance of future staining. A professional dentist whitening is safe and has incredible, noticeable results.

Polishing and standard brushing will always be the first line of defense against yellowing teeth. If you are noticing persistent yellowing despite your oral hygiene habits, there may be another underlying cause to the color change. Stains and discoloration can be the result of a variety of issues, such as aging, diet, oral hygiene habits, prescription drugs, trauma or translucent teeth. Foods and drinks that we consume daily have a wearing effect on your teeth and their whiteness. Your dentist can recommend a specific type of approved whitening treatment for you at your request, as well as provide some insight as to your specific case.

Our office uses a safe, industry-grade, take-home whitening gel that includes fluoride and a desensitizing agent to provide a comfortable experience. Teeth whitening also can be performed quickly and comfortably in our office. Our teeth whitening procedure is not safe for your teeth and gums. We recommend that the patient has a full set of adult teeth for the harmless procedure which usually means age 14 or older. Contact us today to see what kind of whitening option is best for you!


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